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b7141fef43ec3cefbd93cc444ab1f27bdc0a7725add support for "" issues
1fdfe09b78364e4305cfc7fec4b2888fac391bb3update release branches to be for Go 1.14 and 1.13
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500817462677553a6769e268d66193c36b423cd6add support for "" issues
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I believe this release is done, so I'll close this. @cagedmantis Let me know if there's anything left to do and if it should be re-opened.
This change is ready for review.
No problem, and thank you Jeremy. I just wanted to update our list of Soon issues.
Friendly ping. This issue currently has the label Soon, which is for regressions, serious bugs, and outages. This doesn't seem to qualify for that, so I'll remove the Soon label.
Dragonfly isn't one of the first-class ports according to the checkbox on It seems no one is actively working on this. As a result, I don't think it's appropriate for this i…
This is neither a regressions, serious bug, nor an outage, so removing Soon. It should be fixed, but that label is meant for things that are done in the order of days.
Based on git blame of race_detector.html, I consider Dmitry V. to be the owner of this article, and feedback here from him and Daniel suggests this is a good change. I don't see issues, so approving.…
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This issue is blocking the Go 1.14 release, which is currently underway (but has not been cut yet, so we can still safely abort it or make changes if necessary). See…
> This program crashes very quickly I can reproduce this with go1.14rc1, go1.14beta1, but also with go1.13.7 on darwin/amd64: <details><br> ``` $ go run . panic: runtime error: racy use of…
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(1 comment) s/MAKEFILE/Makefile/
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/cc @dunhamsteve FYI.
The slowbot run is stuck on waiting_for_machine state, and reports the only such builder is missing: > host-linux-riscv64-unleashed: 0/0 (1 missing) We need to get it back.
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Thank you for explaining the current situation and trade-offs in, @ianlancetaylor. My opinion is that we should hold off on complic…
/cc @aclements @randall77
It's in waiting_for_machine state, but there aren't any machines available. It shouldn't happen because it's a container-based builder. We'll investigate it after 1.14 release is done to avoid making…
Go 1.15 will require macOS 10.12 and newer, so the macOS 10.11 builder should be disabled on the master branch now. See for additio…
Ah, I missed the "for the main branch" bit. Yes, we should do that, since Go 1.15 won't support macOS 10.11.
I'm not sure what happened to the nacl-amd64p32 builder. We'll need to fix it, because Go 1.13 still requires it.
(1 comment) Please add a [release-branch.go1.14] prefix in front, as described at
(3 comments) Getting this onto website is easy, just need to backport this CL onto the active release branch (1.14 after tomorrow) and redeploy the website. Just need to get approval from…
@bcmills I'm not sure I understand the suggestion. Both Go 1.14 and 1.13 still support macOS 10.11, so it'll be another 12 months before we no longer support macOS 10.11 at all (when Go 1.15 becomes …
(1 comment) Yes, we should cherry-pick this to release-branch.go1.14 as well. Add "document that" prefix so this begins with a verb, per
dmitshur opened an issue doc: write Go 1.15 release notes1d
Tracking bug for writing the Go 1.15 Release Notes. The latest state on tip can be viewed at Previously #36878, #17929, #15810, #5929, etc.
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Approving this backport. It's a small security hardening fix.
Approving this backport. It's a small security hardening fix.
Approving this backport. It's a small security hardening fix.
Ok, let's not take shortcuts. Opened #37418 for the 1.12 backport.
@networkimprov requested issue #37118 to be considered for backport to the next 1.12 minor release. > @gopherbot ple​ase open backport, at suggestion of @FiloSottile.
I'm not seeing any issues. Feel free to wait for feedback/suggestions from others. We shouldn't submit this before tomorrow.
(1 comment) There was only one beta and one release candidate, so consider doing s/candidates/candidate/. Can also consider adding the word "versions" afterwards.
I'll repurpose the 1.12 one. It won't be getting this backport because 1.14 will be out by then, so it'll be too old.
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(1 comment) I don't like it either, but without it, it's hard to tell what "Delete this" refers to. If this code were to stay permanently, I'd resolve the problem by adding blank lines for separati…
This Week
Another use case is for detecting when a rate limit is hit. According to, GitHub returns HTTP 429 status code in those cases.
> As far as I can tell, this package doesn't have any specific code path to handle the Github rate limiting. That is true. However, note that you can always query the current rate limit by adding …
Note that the crash can be worked around by calling `glfw.PostEmptyEvent` on main thread first, before it has a chance to be called on non-main thread. The following does not crash: ```Go func…
This is the `` tracking bug for upstream GLFW issue glfw/glfw#1649. It can be reproduced with the following Go program: ```Go package main import ( "log" "ru…
Last Week
Issue #1543 was resolved by commit 6e6805000ac7ddf39c8c5f6be3e877770cba5083. Commit 6e6805000ac7ddf39c8c5f6be3e877770cba5083 adds the following code to `_glfwPlatformPostEmptyEvent`: ```diff +…
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Closing because this PR has been merged via [CL 220617]( as commit 638df87fa4f927763f99ebf0c6bc9c4a5380d1f9. `gerritbot` should've done this; we need to investigate wh…
For now, I've just redeployed `gerritbot`. Let's see if this continues to happen. **Edit:** It's still happening. It may not be very important to fix, the only HTTP page gerritbot is serving se…
This seems to be happening again with PR #37328. It has been [submitted on Gerrit]( 30 minutes ago,…
From gerritbot logs: ``` 2020/02/22 15:50:23 Updating data from log *maintner.netMutSource ... 2020/02/22 15:55:39 http: TLS handshake error from x.y.z.u:w: acme/autocert: missing certificate 2…
> It's good to go. Great, submitting. > Will it be in go1.14 release? Yes. The bug it is fixing is in the Go 1.14 milestone. I'll cherry-pick this CL onto release-branch.go1.14 up next.
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6f7a984d4dc470c3f197229ad1991ae9e211bba2.travis.yml: remove default travis_install_go_dependencies install step
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Hmm, Travis was passing in this PR, but now that it's merged to master, it's failing there. For some reason, it's running `travis_install_go_dependencies`, which it's not supposed to be doing beca…
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a998e75b09a89ddc3a83e8b6d7ab212570098965.travis.yml: use latest stable Go (1.13.8 and 1.12.17 at this time)
Yes, it is still testing that the package builds successfully. We don't have any tests, hence "[no test files]". If we add some, they'll be run.
What's your `go env GOPROXY` value? Are you using a private proxy? v0.0.0-20180223021221-8d3d310716de is an old version of module ``. The latest version no longer import…
sshing into the server timed out, but pinging it was fine. I restarted it via Packet UI, that fixed it. Similar to Another +…
From <img src="" width="340px"> Previously: - #35708 - …
@axet Please do. You can refer to this issue if any of the information here is relevant. Thanks.
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That said, the test in [CL 217218]( seems to check for this issue too, does it not? **Edit:** It only checks for missing vendored packages, not that the vendored packa…
Oh, I misread, this is about divergence between go.mod and vendor. That issue was about divergence between two different go.mods.
@bcmills I think this issue is the same as issue #36907 (which was created slightly later), and can be considered resolved via [CL 217218]( Do you agree?
I've sent [CL 220363]( with the second, and final, round of updates for Go 1.14. Moving this issue to the Go 1.15 milestone.
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This task has been completed for the Go 1.14 cycle at the time of cutting the go1.14rc1 release, see above comment for details. Moving this issue to the Go 1.15 milestone.
> How does the builder set up the workspace? Answered in person, but for posterity, the code is in [`buildStatus.runSubrepoTests`](…
Okay, the `` package imports `x/website/markdown`, and `x/blog` imports ``. repos are intentionally tested in GOPATH mode on release-branch.go1.12 branches, and in module mode (as long as a go.mod file is present) on release-branch.go1.13 branches and newer. Bu…
Thanks for confirming @tonyghita! I believe this issue is resolved then. It was waiting on feedback from you, the original reporter. I'll close it because there's nothing left to do. If there's an…