Alex, sorry for causing confusion. The initial +2 vote I left was not done from a Google machine and only counted for Code-Review, not for Review-Enforcement. When I left a +1 from my acc…
Removing +2 here in favor of CL 423354, since it makes the same changes as here but also removes some redundancy to make it easier to update the bootstrap versions in the future. Thanks.
Thanks, but it seems that this change shouldn't be made as is. Please see inline comment. All current locations are being documented in a very recent CL 423354: > GOROOT_BOOTSTRAP: A working Go tre…
Thanks. I came up with the same fix locally, and found this CL before mailing an identical one.
Thanks. There's a recent issue that this will resolve, so please add: Fixes golang/go#54350.
Please see CL 421575.
In, @changkun also suggested this: > Perhaps it would be better to have an email notification to the builder maintainer from farme…
Last Week
I suspect what's happening is that the type of Enterprise.Members a list of EnterpriseMember, which is a GraphQL union: So i…
It looks like these builders are now using a Go 1.18.3 bootstrap (up from Go 1.15.3), and passing: - [android-arm-corellium at 2f6783c098696790223eae6986700868e9da0472](…
dmitshur pushed to patch-1 in
b4c45006d27b5f38fac4249c033b3d7d0099d07dREADME: restructure and update
556c550a381650eb5b7b2ca5126b4bed281d47f9internal/lsp/cache: invalidate packages that have added files
4a3fc2182a4a10d066a3c3662eb4c1fddc03ed5binternal/lsp: only linkify urls with http, https, and ftp schemes
04fc2ba822cc909460b8e8532d415dc85a58f7cacmd/godoc: skip TestWeb if waitForServerReady fails
6872d3b8cddb291b238f6c14a552fc72fb64b2fepasses/unusedwrites: Add TODO for how to handle generics.
7c895e061b7c88476766a6234221f7716f469ebdpointer: Adds unit tests for pointer with type parameters.
ddadc42f5a9d8b2df2b054519864870bd7f2b430guru: Add a TODO list to the guru cmd.
c39ac6a12f3fc7443e4c1e96eb1d54702978ff3bcallgraph/vta: Removes dead return statement (misc cleanup).
aaffface24dc4b7f24d1a5a8350ebb2cdc6c8066internal/lsp/source: avoid panic in HoverIdentifier
c862641ee9b677b106a05ec7a5458e062596186fcmd/digraph: only print non-trivial sccs
6fff1af1a8382fba300d7dafce48aa0bfae578d8go/analysis/passes/errorsas: update testdata for new warning
115b454b568d24487ae4df4b53b99698a42c52ddgo/analysis/passes/errorsas: warn if errors.As target is *error
60b4456604b287bbe0b6c9bbe85f09adf1a597ccgo/callgraph/static: adds tests for (instantiated) generics
a37ba1418feca17a5b0cc4c01ce6c37e13c9acbago/callgraph/cha: adds tests for (instantiated) generics
dcaea06afc12df4781912aae7644da4f8dd59ddcgo/callgraph/vta: adds tests for (instantiated) generics
b44fad8412c529677fbe2088dbe26b27d3490b4flsp/completion: fix func literals with type params
5bb9a5ecb1a02d977bcc550fe1d7664b2b72d649lsp/completion: fix literal completions with type params
0941294088d129f9e8931c1371f1aac9b7fa58dalsp/completion: further improve generic func arg ranking
c9035635c7bd70314c1e94a662aa5ae6937cc430internal/lsp/cache: don't cache parsed files when checking for metadata changes
825b661007a82080cffdd82086486aea8342a158nilness: add unit test for generic instantiation.
(2 comments) Done in PS 2. Done.
> Do we have a standard process for backporting one-off fixes to vendored packages, rather than wholesale updates? We have a standard process that applies to dependencies. It uses "inte…
@prattmic The backporting approach described in suggests we'll need to also backport the fix to 1.18, since the problem also exists in…
(1 comment) Can add "Fixes #54301."
Also see CL 421834. However this one also addresses some redundancy that we don't want to touch each time the bootstrap will change again.
(1 comment) You can try to create this change from scratch by running the usual 3 commands in the cmd module: ``` go get go mod tidy go mo…
Thanks. It seems to be used now: ``` $ curl -v 2>&1 | grep "Let's" * issuer: C=US; O=Let's Encrypt; CN=R3 ``` I take you'll make sure it also works over the vcs-test-…
dmitshur reviewed +2 on TEST2d
Test review.
dmitshur reviewed +2 on TEST2d
Test vote.
dmitshur reviewed +2 on test: remove unused code in run.go2d
(1 comment) Wow, this one hid for almost a year. Thanks for catching.
Nice cleanup, thanks. Which part are you referring to? Nit: s/VMS/VMs/ I thought we could also get rid of this entire feature since it's not at all used and it depended on the kube pool, but updat…
Thanks. We'll likely want to reduce how many things need updating here if we'll be bumping the bootstrap requirement more often (#54265), but this is fine for now.
Thanks very much. If you want, you can add 'Updates golang/go#53382.' since this extends that work. Question: Is this attribute used or going to be used? Similarly for 'data-slice' on line 244.
See inline comments that point out a few more places that are in need of a similar update. This can be updated. Here. Here, and also on line 80 below.
(2 comments) I don't think we want to delete the use of go1.4 directory as a last fallback yet. Some users or setups may have a newer, compatible bootstrap at that location, and maybe there's not si… shows test failures on Go tip as of [CL 317917]( ("all: use ":" for compiler generated symbols"). CC @golang/vulndb, @…
CL 421426 extended release.txt coverage to include history entries for the latest releases, including the currently supported Go 1.19 and 1.18. Make the test less strict so it doesn't start to fail w…
Issue #42661 is related, it's about automatically opting-in to longtest builders when a change is deemed to modify the cmd/go command or its tests. CC @golang/release.
(The new x/mod version will need to be brought into the main repo, and that'll happen during the Go 1.20 cycle at the very least via #36905.)
Looked at this briefly. As expected, it was only a problem for non-string parameters, and it's because the current parameter display code assumes all parameters are strings, which isn't always the ca…
There were 7 occurrences (out of 127) attributed to this issue in [last week]('s flaky test triage: - [2022-08-02T02:32:00-4b12e2b…
Since this is in Go1.18.6 milestone, added a "[1.18 backport]" suffix and a CherryPickCandidate label so this doesn't get missed during backport review, but I expect it to get approved as a security …
I'll move this issue to Go 1.20 milestone since the fix will need to land on master branch first. To address this issue for minor releases, we'd need to use the proc…
CLs 421334 and 421461 took care of all the dependencies, and [CL 420234]( will update pprof. Once that's done, we can remove the early-in-cycle label and revisi…
Removing Soon label since [CL 422037]( added a " && !goexperiment.unified" build constraint, so the builder doesn't fail now. Thanks.
Observed in trybots of CL 420234: ``` --- FAIL: TestAppendOfMake (0.00s) issue53888_test.go:29: got 1.000000 allocs, want 0 issue53888_test.go:41: got 1.000000 allocs, want 0 FAIL FAI…
dmitshur commented on all: add freebsd/riscv64 port6d
CC @golang/release.
dmitshur closed an issue all: reopen tree for Go 1.20 development6d
We're ready to complete the tree reopening. Updated the tree status heading to "Open for Go 1.20 development". Happy development!
dmitshur pushed to master in
55e207c401ad9f8f19b7719272b98fed91b6e091v3.3/glfw: update to GLFW 3.3.8
I think this is fixed by [CL 419084](; this builder was recently replaced with another.
Thanks and sorry I missed it. I changed the prefix in the title of [#54214]( to follow the usual [convention](…
Thanks Ian for finding a resolution to this issue that's better than reverting those earlier x/net CLs. I'm glad I left x/net out of CL 421334 to create an opportunity to take time to think about thi…
dmitshur commented on panic: T1w
CC @timothy-king, @findleyr.
dmitshur commented on : build dashboard triage log1w
`greplogs --triage --since=2022-07-27` - #54276 - [x] [2022-08-02T18:52:36-0d04f65-4345620/freebsd-amd64-race]( - #53037 …
What happened here? All the internet-facing tests failed with errors. ``` [...] 2022/07/28 00:33:59 syncing segment 136 did not succeed on attempt 3, will try again in 9s: https://maintner.golan…
``` --- FAIL: TestScript (0.02s) --- FAIL: TestScript/mod_all (8.94s) [...] rflags 0x202 cs 0x2b fs 0x23 gs 0x23 [c…
dmitshur closed an issue syscall: TestSetuidEtc failure1w
dmitshur commented on syscall: TestSetuidEtc failure1w
Duplicate of #19938.
Also an occurrence on dragonfly/amd64: [2022-08-02T14:13:40-310ea71-f2a9f3e/dragonfly-amd64](
``` [...] 1 @ 0x1068299 0x107d1a8 0x107a24b 0x10ab2b7 0x1160c8b 0x1160c7d 0x12a47e6 0x106be41 # 0x1068298 syscall.syscall6+0x98 /Users/gopher/workdir/go/src/runtime/sys_darwin.go:44 # 0x10…
``` 2022/08/02 19:20:54 New session create_session=1 2022/08/02 19:20:56 go/packages.Load #1 [...] ================== WARNING: DATA RACE Read at 0x00c0086205a0 by goroutine 34461: golang.o…
From ``` [...] go: downloading v0.2.1 go: downloading v0.3.6 go: downloading git…
dmitshur opened an issue syscall: TestSetuidEtc failure1w
``` --- FAIL: TestSetuidEtc (0.01s) syscall_linux_test.go:565: [6] "Setgroups([]int{0,1,2,3})" comparison: "/proc/85360/status" got:"Groups:\t0 1 2 3 4 6 10 11 20 26 27" want:"Groups:\t0 1 2 3"…
``` --- FAIL: TestTestConn (0.53s) --- FAIL: TestTestConn/UnixPipe (0.13s) --- FAIL: TestTestConn/UnixPipe/BasicIO (0.00s) conntest.go:32: unable to make pipe: listen unix…
There are instances of the `TestFailingDiagnosticClearingOnEdit` test failing with "context deadline exceeded": ``` --- FAIL: TestFailingDiagnosticClearingOnEdit (560.80s) --- FAIL: TestFai…
As of [CL 420902]( ("cmd/dist: require Go 1.17 for building Go" for #44505), API check fails on these two builders with: ``` ##### API check Error running API checker: e…
Everything that was planned is in, I've updated the tree status heading to say that bug fixes and stability improvement CLs are okay to land, and the tree can be fully opened on Monday.
CC @golang/runtime.
dmitshur commented on debug/pe: RiscV64 is not supported1w
CC @alexbrainman, @golang/riscv64.
CC @golang/runtime.
CC @golang/release.
Next up: ``` $ go mod why '' # net ```
For x/net packages that are vendored into std, this appears to be incompatible with the policy set in #32102 that std shouldn't vendor See #54259.
Updating to latest dependencies causes to be vendored into std, which goes against the policy set in ``` --- FAIL: TestScript (0.02s) -…
Is this about [cmd/gorename]( specifically, or more broadly one of the packages that gopls uses? CC @golang/tools-team.
This is a key part of what relui does for us, and by now it has superseded releasebot. Closing.
releasebot has been superseded by relui and this issue doesn't apply directly. relui has a "dry-run (test and build only): ..." workflows for testing, and #47407 is for more. Closing.
releasebot has been superseded by relui, and relui doesn't post to GitHub issues, so this issue no longer applies. Closing.
releasebot has been superseded by relui and this issue no longer applies, closing.
It's the only one I've seen so far; we can try greplogs or similar tools to look if there've been more.