Thanks. Very minor: just checking, is it better to say "invalid subfont" or "invalid image" here?
TRY=darwin-amd64-10_14, darwin-amd64-10_15, darwin-amd64-11_0, darwin-amd64-12_0, darwin-amd64-13, darwin-arm64
CL 455916 fixed a warning on macOS 13, but caused one on macOS 10.13. Update to a newer mtl that was tested on both macOS version extremes.
dmitshur pushed to main in
85de2813cf6bd8d6d2f0240fdebf943cbffc2b8afix "supportsFamily not found" warning on macOS 10.13 and 10.14
Thanks. I make use of that approach too.
dmitshur opened a change update mtl version18h
The new version handles the supportsFeatureSet deprecation on macOS 13, causing a warning that gets promoted to a test failure on the builders. Also run 'go mod tidy' here now that…
dmitshur pushed to main in
b78c9fe623cca0431d866c9e206d3f83665bcf8bdeprecate FeatureSet and Device.SupportsFeatureSet
2a3c46a829b92964146abf7f6c2d649cd66cce97add GPUFamily and Device.SupportsFamily
This was approved as a security fix and included in Go 1.18.9.
This was approved as a security fix and included in Go 1.19.4.
This was approved as a security fix and included in Go 1.19.4.
This was approved as a security fix and included in Go 1.18.9.
(1 comment) You can add "Fixes golang/go#57145." here, or we can just close that issue after this is submitted.
dmitshur commented on : x/website:21h
Closing as a duplicate of #41894. Thanks.
dmitshur closed an issue : x/website:21h
Thanks for reporting. We will resolve this today. CC @golang/release.
This Week
This change is ready for review.
These values come from cmd/dist doing it by default based on GOARCH. We want to factor out that logic from cmd/dist, so apply it explicitly in x/build to appropriate builders. CL 455518 removes it fr…
This hook was added for the Go build system (x/build) to be able to set the run flag value, but it's no longer used anywhere. Remove it for now. Updates #46054.
Discussion in #56968 seems to suggest we have agreement to get cmd/dist out of the practice of maintaining a hardcoded timeout scale for a few architectures. Instead, dist users can set it for their …
(1 comment) As long as we're unwilling to move/remove the zoneinfo zip file from lib/time, and based on discussion in #43350 and #51463, I think you can also add "Fixes #43350." here, right?
Hmm, did you take into account that FreeBSD 13.0 (and CL 365314) is actually slightly older than 12.3 (and CL 375695), and from looking at and https://www.freebsd.or…
(1 comment) I often wait until a third copy before worrying about de-duplicating something small, but sure. Done.
Pointing out a minor problem in the comments. This URL is 404. (413974 is the number of this CL.) Same here.
Thanks. (Carlos can also make follow up changes to this entry if needed.)
dmitshur edited the wiki2d
I see now that both interpretations of okay-after-beta1 are possible, but the original described and implemented in releasebot (confirmed by rereading relevant commit messages) was the lesser one (i.…
Thanks. (nit) Missing period at end of sentence, unlike fields above.
dmitshur reviewed +2 on runtime/cgo: fix typo in gcc_loong64.S2d
(1 comment) Was the intention here to write 64?
Last Week
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70889c5dac0782236878ca54b6c298693e6a5d68remove FundingPlatformIssuehunt constant
We're generally trying to limit the scope of x/build/gerrit to have only what's needed for the rest of x/build. For other purposes, it should be better to use a general purpose Gerrit API client to a…
The documentation for []( says: > Package vcs exposes functions for resolving import paths and using version control systems, which can b…
It's useful to be able to create a future Go version milestone ahead of time to hold an issue that is known not to need attention for some time, and we do this ocassionally (e.g., [#41152](https://gi…
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0b5c4c7994eb7f1a569c78c9ab15eb4feef0c463regenerate for schema changes by 2022-11-25
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> @golang/release requesting a freeze exception for this. @rolandshoemaker Thanks for letting us know. A freeze exception shouldn't be needed here since this looks like an unintentional bug on mac…
This is a tracking issue for adding JSON output support to the cmd/api/run.go program, which is invoked by cmd/dist to implement the "API check" test. This is a subset of #37486, broken out into a sm…
This is a tracking issue for adding JSON output support to the test/run.go program, which is invoked by cmd/dist to run tests in the GOROOT/test directory. This is a subset of #37486, broken out into…
@FiloSottile This question is a better fit for issue #36905, if I understand it correctly. With the 1.20 freeze coming up next week, we will be updating the `std` and `cmd` modules to vendor the late…
@nigeltao Yes, I expect a passing CLA is required (though I'm less familiar with snappy-specific details compared to the more common repos). This PR has it passing from looking at the [C… includes: > The issue should include a link to the original issue and a short rationale about why the backport might be needed. @randall77 Can you please add a…
@hickford It should not be necessary to include a Change-Id footer in the PR description. [GerritBot]( is responsible for doing that.
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In #56560, @hyangah makes this suggestion too and points out that by now we have relui. So this can also be implemented by adding a task in the relui release workflow that notifies about t…
Yeah, I think this is fixed via [CL 432535]( Closing and can reopen if we learn otherwise.
This might be fixed at tip. The test passes without pkg/darwin_arm64/cmd/compile/internal/syntax.a.
### What version of Go are you using (`go version`)? <pre> $ go version go version go1.19.3 darwin/arm64 </pre> ### Does this issue reproduce with the latest release? Unsure, there isn't …
To update this issue with the latest PR status: the comment above is resolved in
We have learned that the overall problem of quota exhaustion still happens after coordinator restarts during a busy time; @prattmic and @heschi have made more progress on understanding that, but it's…
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I just checked and it doesn't seem this is happening on any newer PRs either. For reference, neither I nor @cagedmantis changed gerritbot, so the fix must've happened on the side of the Gerrit server…
@eli-darkly Note that it is possible to link to individual fields inside structs or methods in interfaces on For example, here's the [`DataSource` field in `ldclient.Config` struct](https…
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a134b1472cc7856d2dce3b6de514708c0f3a94ecregenerate for schema changes by 2022-10-20
The -trust flag is obsolete and was removed in [CL 399117](, which is included in v1.1.0. Maybe the `git-codereview` binary you installed with `go install…
`SigningServer.send` has a possibility of panicking when executing this line:;l=110;drc=656fd833c86463e51c5e722b28134…
This error isn't happening as of yesterday 9:22 am (EDT), both PRs have been updated at around that time.
This is resolved now, and reports "ok". Closing. (Thanks Carlos who did most of the work here.)
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dmitshur closed an issue all: openbsd port maintainers2mo
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Thanks for helping maintain the port! I'll close this issue since I think that's all that's needed here, otherwise please let us know.
dmitshur commented on all: openbsd port maintainers2mo
Thanks Joel and Aaron. Aaron, you should have an invite to join the team.
@alecxcode Please open a new issue and provide those details there. You can add a reference to this issue. However, this issue is closed so there's no active work happening here. Thanks.
We should wait after CL 435496 is deployed and see if this happens again. It's possible that CL is all that's needed to fix this problem.
PR golang/website#186 is currently failing to be imported into Gerrit (despite having a passing CLA check), and recent changes made in PR golang/go#55119 are also failing to be imported (see [discuss…
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26252dedbe70cb87ce3bef8c921f8609982a74f6v2: fix js.Value argument in PutImageData and PutImageDataDirty
This looks related to but not the same as #45398. CC @golang/tools-team.
`` no longer imports `fmt` as of [CL 348069](, and it's not vendored into standard library at all as of [CL 398914](…
After some mandatory maintenance, a portion of the MacStadium builders did not come back after their host was rebooted, and as a result their capacity is reduced right now. This is the tracking issue…
CC @golang/security.
Thanks. When you're ready, please feel free to send a CL to update x/build/dashboard accordingly and someone from @golang/release will review it. I think it's okay to keep using "linux-ppc64-sid" …
Can you add more information on how to reproduce the problem? What editor, editor version are you using? What tool or plugin is providing linting in your editor, and what version is it? Please not…
CC @golang/compiler.
dmitshur commented on runtime: found pointer to free object2mo
Can you share a snippet, minified as possible, that reproduces the problem?