dmitshur commented on x/build/cmd/gopherbot: assignReview… in
> we can look into adding a workaround for it now by modifying `humanReviewersOnChange` to not consider authors of the CL as reviewers. Doing that is proving to be difficult because of issue #2396…
dmitshur commented on x/build/cmd/gerritbot: Gerrit asks … in
This is causing #31658. @andybons Is the latest status still as before? In that case, I plan to work around it on our side by writing extra code in `humanReviewersOnChange` to filter out the CL au…
This Week
dmitshur commented on crypto/ssh: Document that ParseRawP… in
(1 comment) Hi, thanks for the CL. Is there an issue accompanying this CL, or is it small enough that it didn't need an issue? The prefix shouldn't include the subrepo name, just the directory ins…
dmitshur commented on net/url: Host/Port extraction malfu… in
/cc @rsc @bradfitz (per `net/url` [owners](
dmitshur commented on net/url: clarify in docs that RawPa… in
/cc @rsc @bradfitz (per `net/url` [owners](
dmitshur pushed to master in
0eac288d3659fff9946400cb8713477fc83b99f6add pre, code elements
6a2ef7b0b17417d968bb52ae7b546cb350cda400.travis.yml: use go vet instead of go tool vet
dmitshur pushed to master in
b098d7fdc93575abfa93215702a15c518438b8f9unify code and add more flexibility
8f2e80a0dd2770537078622dc5ec5da0db2af3f3start adding anchors and anchor links
6d9817f9f3f003e801cc1129b1892c0ea66c2458play with godoc on frontend with WebAssembly using a Go module proxy
dmitshur commented on net/http: StripPrefix regression fr… in
I think the original snippet be simplified to
dmitshur commented on net/http: StripPrefix regression fr… in
I suspect this is an unfortunate but intended consequence of fixing #30165. Code relying on that should be updated not to rely on it. That is, instead of: ```Go http.Handle("/foo/", http.StripPre…
dmitshur commented on context: made a decision whether to… in
Answered with more detail in a direct message, but to summarize: my findings show very few such tests. It's also worth pointing out that there is no `String` method in the public API of the `context…
dmitshur commented on context: don't depend on fmt in
(1 comment) > let's revisit this I didn't find an issue tracking that, so made issue #31620. There were some tests that started to fail on Go tip due to this change, and the next steps there depen…
dmitshur commented on cmd/go/internal/modcmd: allow mod d… in
(1 comment) Friendly ping Bryan, PTAL. I considered suggesting adding ! exists $GOPATH/pkg/mod/cache/download/ here, but I suspect it's not worth it. We should feel …
dmitshur commented on cmd/go/internal/modcmd: allow mod d… in
(1 comment) Did you see this comment? Just checking that it wasn’t missed.
dmitshur commented on cmd/go/internal/modcmd: allow mod d… in
> 2 of 20 TryBots failed [...] Keep in mind that TryBots currently test *exactly* your git commit, without rebasing. If your commit's git parent is old, the failure might've already been fixed. The …
dmitshur pushed to patch-1 in
d35502b52a99ab1d9372ea6d84b9cf9bc29c0c56move machinebox/graphql from server to client section
dmitshur commented on quickedit: constant 1-byte substr i… in
As a data point, I wrote this today: ```Go i := bytes.LastIndex(text, []byte("#")) ``` By chance, I realized I could use `bytes.LastIndexByte` to simplify it: ```Go i := bytes.LastIndexBy…
dmitshur pushed to master in
bc9d5b17e425d835556011c91c4dbd5ff23bb2b8.travis.yml: use go vet instead of go tool vet
dmitshur pushed to master in
1204583807f0ca86143b9a393597847b1dac5b51use more specific log message prefix in tryRemoteGoroot
dmitshur deleted branch in
dmitshur pushed to master in
c361540f7ea3758d738d4ae85deb040c74022108add go.mod file, start building in module mode (#13)
dmitshur commented on 3.3 beta - don't merge yet in
> Got rid of internal error callback. Never liked the way we solved it back then. It was not idiomatic and it was not mirroring the C API (worst of both worlds?). Now we have glfwGetError() function …
dmitshur commented on looks like 3.3 is officially out in
There's an open PR #219. It needs to be reviewed, then it can be merged.
dmitshur pushed to module in
4c2add5ae726132ec60386f85d1571e671c09150pkg/gist5504644: add second return argument to BuildPackageFromImportPath
dmitshur pushed to module in
7f59f78d09072b5591501607441f4711926be143place shurcooL/frontend repository in GOPATH workspace
dmitshur created branch in
dmitshur pushed to master in
ed8b653f88efff5d17b862a6dc4aa71ef0a2172drename text_scanner to textscanner
dmitshur commented on cmd/go/internal/modcmd: allow mod d… in
(1 comment) Also, you can drop the "golang/go" prefix, since this CL is in the main repository. Just: Fixes #29522
dmitshur reviewed +1 on cmd/go/internal/modcmd: allow mod d… in
(2 comments) This didn't make it into 1.12, but we should get it into 1.13. s/Fix/Fixes/ per I'm not sure if the local variable pkgMod is helping with readab…
dmitshur commented on shiny/driver/mtldriver: add start o… in
I've addressed all the minor comments. What's left is reworking the main GLFW loop to run in a separate goroutine on the main thread and fixing the NextEvent implementation accordingly.
dmitshur commented on shiny/driver/mtldriver: add start o… in
(6 comments) Answered your question, marking as resolved. Done is PS 7. Marking this resolved unless you have further comments. Ended up going with a func toCBool(b bool) C.BOOL helper. Done in …
dmitshur commented on shiny/driver/mtldriver: add start o… in
(2 comments) Done in PS 6. Done in PS 6.
Last Week
dmitshur commented on cmd/go: mod meta tag causes infinit… in
@marwan-at-work One of the use cases where the `mod` go-import meta tag feature seems to work well is for publishing modules that do not have a counter-part public VCS. For example, the module `dm…
dmitshur commented on Use Bitbucket API v2 in has been redeployed with the fix ([CL 170279]( now. /cc @arnottcr
dmitshur commented on encoding/gob: test frequently faili… in
/cc @ianthehat FYI. It seems you ran into a similar issue in [CL 172778](
dmitshur commented on wasm: expose functions on instance.… in
/cc @neelance
dmitshur commented on access: Trybot Access ("may-start-t… in
Hi @bsiegert, Thank you for contributing to the Go project and helping maintain some of the builders! I've discussed this request with the team (/cc @golang/osp-team), and we agreed to grant you a…
dmitshur reviewed +2 on old/netchan: disable a test with a … in
(1 comment) This isn't using any formatting verbs, so t.Skip would suffice. (Feel free to leave as is if you don't think that t.Skip is slightly simpler than t.Skipf.)
dmitshur commented on x/build: run… in
@bradfitz I've remembered that we also have post-submit builders via Travis CI on that repo. I.e.,
dmitshur commented on gosrc: use Bitbucket v2 api in
(1 comment) Thank you! Ok, let's proceed without it for now. Adding support for watchers via Bitbucket API v2 can be an optional followup feature. The scope of this CL is to migrate away from API v…
dmitshur commented on internal/lsp: extract the common te… in
Worth noting is that neither Go 1.12 nor 1.11 release branch trybots failed, only the Go tip ones. That means it's possible that latest changes on tip are involved, not just changes in x/tools. (Or i…
dmitshur commented on cmd/go: only add a 'go' directive o… in
(1 comment) I realize it's already long, but given how important the behavior is, I think it's worth explicitly adding to the commit subject that 'go mod tidy' also adds the 'go' directive. The curr…
dmitshur commented on… in
Thanks for reporting. This is an issue that needs to be fixed in the project. It needs to start importing `go-diff` via its new import path `…
dmitshur reviewed +2 on dashboard: don't build x/net master… in
(1 comment) Add a link to the issue comment here, so it'll be more clear why this behavior is here when reading the code later.
dmitshur commented on image/gif: transparency lost when e… in
The concrete type returned by `image.Decode` in your snippet is `*image.Paletted`. I suspect this issue is happening because wrapping the `*image.Paletted` in a concrete type such as `offsetImage`…
dmitshur commented on image/gif: transparency lost when e… in
@splace Thanks for the issue report. When you say "images the same" under "what did you expect", can you clarify? There are 4 images, which ones did you expect to be the same?
dmitshur commented on crypto/tls: func (c *Conn) Handshak… in
/cc @FiloSottile
dmitshur commented on os/signal: TestAtomicStop fails on … in
/cc @ianlancetaylor as owner of `os/signal`. There is a lot of red for dragonfly/amd64 on on tip (almost half are fail). I've checked 5 pages worth and none of them are `TestAtomi…
dmitshur commented on misc: add tests to work with modules in
/cc @bcmills I think you may have addressed this fully or partially during the Go 1.13 dev cycle. Please see if this issue needs to be updated.
dmitshur commented on crypto/tls: add heartbeat extension… in
/cc @FiloSottile Please see if this issue from 2014 is still relevant.
dmitshur pushed to master in
b8c8010cd4b0038d3aefc3186b058f02fea88439change GitHub API timeout 5 -> 10 seconds
dmitshur pushed to master in
15a2e738fffc6e0db0ce0b5aa38128a33b1c15b5change GitHub API timeout 5 -> 10 seconds
2c14964d9c6ddaaf77d2f303d4f3dd3141bce7a0activity: add support for displaying change review events
056ae953bb74d1fb511041b6968e9b847f50d7ffshorten text at rune boundaries
a1cc50ba98a9ef4ed392e3f68289a2656c4a8609internal/code: add support for Git-Protocol HTTP header
f1cfb003f2330aa06c916afa61b3c39db3fff71aremove deleted ioutil package from list
dmitshur commented on cmd/doc: go doc in … in
There's a chance this is the same issue as
dmitshur pushed to master in
036c35ce260fdecabbe5bb72c1976500848f984aupdate to use state.Review instead of change.ReviewState
dmitshur pushed to master in
a1ef85d7455ffbeb260718aa501ac5c3eea3707cgithubapi: use AuthorAssociation to determine ReviewState better
7103ed879ef71d84225b767fb9c85316e826cc65gerritapi: detect empty body in commitMessageBody
59022927fa7dea491c7a54393aec92ee4896717call: replace change.ReviewState with state.Review
e8a331073e94e21148d9babdc9751f8b8d252abagerritapi: skip empty comment that only sets labels
dmitshur commented on cmd/doc: 'go doc $pkg' uses GOPATH … in
I tested with the following steps, using Go 1.12.4: ``` $ export GO111MODULE=on $ export GOPATH="$(mktemp -d)" $ cd $(mktemp -d) $ go mod init m $ go get $ go get dmitri.shur…
dmitshur commented on Rename of repository not handled we… in
> The obvious fix is to just use the new import path, but this is not always trivial. In particular, when go-diff is pulled in by a dependency that has the old url, running go get -u to up…
dmitshur commented on Rename of repository not handled we… in
@matthijskooijman Looks like the latest version of `` (v1.14.0) module needs to update its dependencies. Here's the chain of modules being required: ``` go get…
dmitshur commented on Add go.mod in
> What's lost on me is how you could tell that I didn't know It was a guess based on that you picked version 1.11 rather than 1.12, given we're trying to support Go 1.12 and 1.11. A common misconc…
dmitshur pushed to master in
5ac6da3f3c7d8bee04e3dd91afa3848db1aa30ac.travis.yml: use go vet instead of go tool vet
dmitshur pushed to master in
8890f2b7a62fb1fa4bfb493d7a3e217280e80d0b.travis.yml: use go vet instead of go tool vet
7baebe81ab4a7e758d6b2cc454939d76e27f6f7fupdate .../go-diff/diff import path
dmitshur pushed to master in
048931228faf96a442552bc8994ced05298efd5aupdate .../go-diff/diff import path
dmitshur commented on vfsgendev updates modification times in
The comments above accurately reflect the current status. There hasn't been progress made since then.
dmitshur commented on Change import path to… in
> travis-ci, etc do not work well with a repo name different from the import path Travis CI supports this well via the `go_import_path` field. See…
dmitshur commented on 82baee2b6c2f53955822bfbec2c1cca71ef11cdd🚀 in
`apidiff` has semi-graduated from x/exp to x/tools: [](
dmitshur commented on Support preview GraphQL API v4 Node… in
As far as I can tell, this field doesn't need to be added to `NewTeam`. `NewTeam` is used when creating or editing a team, but neither of those two endpoints accept a `node_id` parameter: - https:…
dmitshur commented on compiler/natives/src/time: disable … in
Minor, but it would be nicer to merge a small PR like this via the "squash and merge" strategy, so it would generate just 1 commit on master branch rather than two. This is because we're trying to fo…
dmitshur created branch in
dmitshur starred
dmitshur commented on Update Travis to run with supported… in
`go test` runs a subset of of vet checks, so it’s still useful to run vet. It should be done this way now: ``` - go vet ./... ```
dmitshur commented on Update Travis to run with supported… in
We can simplify this to always use the latest patch versions and not having to update the travis config when new ones come out: ``` - "1.12.x" - "1.11.x" ```
dmitshur commented on Add go.mod in
> Support go1.11 onwards. I want to point out that this directive means to use the Go language version 1.11; it’s not for setting the minimum version of Go that is supported. Letting you know in…
dmitshur commented on go.mod: update dependencies in
@jamesabbottsmith I believe it was a typo. It should say v0.3.2 for ``. The other two versions look correct. Of course, newer tags are okay to use too.
dmitshur commented on Add ForceAllTypes to Options in
Sorry about the delays. I am leaning towards not merging this PR as is because of the increased difficulty of maintenance, and I don't have the bandwidth to spend on this now. However, I do want t…
dmitshur commented on WIP: Generate separate data and com… in
I would like to complete the general idea started here, but it will happen no earlier than a few weeks from now, and I plan to start relying on modules to implement the idea. It may make sense to mak…
dmitshur commented on Expose constructQuery to public fun… in
I'm warming up to this idea, but in a slightly different form. I think it might be a good idea to expose some of the graphql internals (in this project), but in another location. The idea would be…
dmitshur commented on Provide errors response for error h… in
> I think actually shurcooL/graphql#31 or rather shurcooL/graphql#33 should fix this and this library here doesn't need to change much. Agreed. > Is there anything we can do to help bring this …
dmitshur commented on Fix function comments based on best… in
Here and below as well.
dmitshur commented on Fix function comments based on best… in
Can you change "Does" to "does" here, and everywhere similar below?