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> So something doesn't look right here. I don't know if the documentation is wrong, or if the implementation has a bug. I did some code archeology to find out. The earlier commit I found where the…
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a97a25d856cadfe6481325baeb35a70d6723ca0ccmd/vfsgendev: Find packages in the current Go module. (#50)
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`vfsgen` itself supports modules. `./cmd/vfsgendev`, a convenience tool for using `vfsgen` in a specific way, currently doesn't support modules because it looks for import paths only within GOPATH…
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f70f7b99817abba9c1503688ed139dcf92a51114cmd/vfsgendev: Document new parseSourceFlag behavior.
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5971689f9e17d66dc735d0ce4adcc56e7cf3328ecmd/vfsgendev: Simplify code to get current working directory.
a0177350122c8c4c7f230f2eb011e4132200a580cmd/vfsgendev: Factor out relative import path check.
dmitshur commented on cmd/gopherbot: race condition in au… in
I think I've already seen code somewhere that uses Gerrit API in addition to `maintner` to confirm the "latest" state before taking some action. @bradfitz will probably remember where that was. I …
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> Will redeploy `cmd/coordinator` later tonight (when it's quieter). Version golang/build@24469dd429f05bdb34b644430843761abf7e1367 of `cmd/coordinator` is deployed now.
dmitshur commented on set exit code according to found wa… in
I'm a little surprised this PR was merged to `master` as 3 individual commits rather than squashing into one. Was that intentional?
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> I had to put all tests into the wav package to make vgo happy. What was the error you're getting? Which version of Go were you using? I don't think that should be the case.
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I've updated the images and sent [CL 143458]( Will redeploy `cmd/coordinator` later tonight (when it's quieter). After a few days of no issues, the next step will …
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> Does anyone find it useful? I don't remember the last time I've seen it. I might've fixed all instances and not introduced new ones. As a result, it's hard for me to say, but it sounds useful…
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I can also confirm this, it's a regression in macOS 10.14 and wasn't a problem in 10.13. This issue may be related to #1334 in some way. What I'm observing is that vsync works until you move or re…
dmitshur commented on OSX 10.14 (Mojave) Window does not … in
Thanks for the report. This is a duplicate of #1334.
dmitshur commented on proposal: x/tools/go/generated: par… in
I agree with your comment @rsc that this would be a small package, and it's better to avoid that in x/tools. I've been thinking about where this functionality could fit into existing packages, and…
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I'll work on updating the images to 6.4 final. The current 6.4 snapshots have been quite stable on <img width=101 src="…
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e90afb26fdf9d49c711e70ac9773f62498e886b4internal/code: Rediscover packages on git pushes.
1771d6e32fa43c7c723a46284046fa3d95283ec9internal/code: Extend test to cover pushing new commit.
fecc632705f4c41dfbaa7775cacb466403dcc729Move gitHandler into internal/code package.
f8f95065d74350fa2d8c0908ccda77b050fd96cbFactor out authentication from gitHandler.
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f0c4aee46f480a95d2b38fca1cde98f16466e592fs: Add an open change for mtl package.
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@bradfitz From [`x/build/dashboard/builders.go`](, it looks like all our current `mips` b…
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Starting to have second thoughts about the proposed workaround. In the [CL 142362]( commit message, I wrote: > The goal of this change is to reduce occurrences of goph…
dmitshur commented on x/build/cmd/gopherbot: don't fight … in
I tested the approach (locally) and it worked in solving the problem. Going to send a CL.
dmitshur commented on x/build/cmd/gopherbot: testing figh… in
Testing successful (done locally, so not visible here). Closing.
dmitshur commented on x/build/cmd/gopherbot: don't fight … in
Another: #28103. I was expecting it to happen, so I fired up a local copy of `gopherbot` running in dry-mode and watched it fight me (one time), as well as looked at `gopherbot` and `maintnerd` logs …
dmitshur commented on x/build/cmd/gopherbot: reply when a… in
What's the criteria for @gopherbot to consider a comment to be a request? Should it be a comment that mentions @gopherbot and also contains "please"? Or just the mention on its own?
dmitshur commented on x/build/cmd/gopherbot: don't fight … in
I'm going to fold this issue into #21312, since it's the same thing. I'll take its title since it's easer to find and more accurate.
dmitshur commented on .github: hide text for issue author… in
Sounds good. I'll apply the change just before my next triaging rotation, and make sure it has a positive effect on the new issue reports.
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723818af30329b41e79b699a60039555da639fabDon't show new-repo form if insufficient permissions.
dmitshur commented on Newly created packages should be di… in
Made some progress on automatic package discovery on push: ![image]( It needs more work, test…
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076768dae3e3edeb8bc3a69a530cbcb11899d5feinternal/code: Optimize rediscovery on repo creation.
309cd211188abb7868ac88b8169a17df6abc88fbinternal/code: Add test coverage for CreateRepo.
fdeb360796bfdb79c80064b64a1dce66623b0273internal/code: Move in CreateRepo method.
3b88257ccfb760ba68f9deaaf4c3fa14639ec91bDon't hardcode user watching new repository.
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@xlab Since the website does not exist at this time, maybe it would make sense to remove its URL? When/if you do create it, you can re-add the URL. I think people get confused because the URL exis…
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0a742a433607f5f3f10b26b5cf1493f3fee66af0internal/code: Refactor into a code service.
2d0c8758de1313fc6fb63e1ce8d38125abc23814Create a new-repo action.
8588964f711028ddb5e6cd2765434b5d306d5413Add support for package create event.
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39a6d27ec4677dd7b336dd2d250c177c97cc88ccevent: Add package type for create event.
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6dbdfed14caa4d60790754f33331ace2a0d67c2devent: Add package type for create event.
dmitshur commented on is down in
I think this is a duplicate of #16.
dmitshur commented on Where did golint go? in
@mvpmvh The issue is closed because it has been resolved. You can install `golint` via `go get -u`, as described in the [README](…
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I see, thanks for the answer! > `net`-like implementation of WebSockets for both `js` Just checking, are you familiar with You can use it if you don't wis…
dmitshur commented on gosrc: svg files in presentations n… in
> Aside, why is gobot not enabled for this repo, to automatically link issues with CLs? Right now, only CLs that mention issues in the main Go issue tracker are enabled. See [here](https://github.…
dmitshur commented on ci: Enable windows on travis in
@keegancsmith What's interesting about the missing `gcc` issue is that it only seems to affect Go 1.11.1 (`1.x`) builds, but not Go 1.9.7 (`1.9.x`) ones. See the 2nd and 3rd bullet points of https://…
dmitshur commented on Travis: Run tests on Windows. in
Looks like @keegancsmith is seeing very similar issues in, and has filed an issue about them at…
dmitshur commented on Travis: Run tests on Windows. in
Looks like it'll take some work to get tests to pass on Windows. I see the following issues so far: - `gofmt` reports every file as not formatted; this is likely because the [line endings](http://…
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cf981d8bcb66aa1950ebfd8f180790ff6863bab3Merge pull request #108 from shurcooL/annotated-tag-consistency
5ee4447501145a7df5ea500b4b562649255f931cvcs/git, vcs/gitcmd: Always dereference annotated tags.
f2ecc4dcdc9cad03268fa82996e2ac11e66988a7vcs: Add test for annotated tags.
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/cc @bradleyfalzon who created [`apicompat`](, a tool to check for the introduction of backwards incompatible changes, which is relevant here.
dmitshur commented on x/build: add OpenBSD 6.4 builder (b… in
[CL 139857]( has been merged and `cmd/coordinator` redeployed. There are `openbsd-amd64-64` and `openbsd-386-64` builders running now. It's not the final OpenBSD 6.4 r…
dmitshur commented on proposal: cmd/go: stop special-casi… in
This special case is documented at, in the third paragraph from the end: > Packages in a program need not have unique package names, but t…
dmitshur commented on go/scanner: Scanner.Scan sometimes … in
> There's no Go code containing two dots ".." that is valid, In case you're curious how I discovered this, I ran into this in issue #28082. You left a [comment](…
dmitshur commented on Shows information about removed sub… in
Did you visit and refresh the actual packages that no longer exist? E.g.: - - - etc. …
dmitshur commented on proposal: x/tools/go/generated: par… in
> Is the only concern about the regular expression its speed? No. I wanted to avoid the `regexp` dependency because it was easy to implement the matching behavior myself. The `regexp` package c…
dmitshur commented on time: Timer.Reset documentation not… in
> We should probably say something about `AfterFunc` in the `Timer.Reset` docs. Agreed. My parsing of the `Reset` documentation was that the `f` parameter to `AfterFunc` being executed is equivalen…
dmitshur commented on cmd/go: go test -h output doesn't w… in
Thanks for the correction @mvdan, `-h` is indeed a valid flag.
dmitshur commented on godoc search not work locally in
From `godoc -help` output: ``` -index enable search index ``` By default, the search index isn't enabled. You'll need to explicitly enable it if you want it to be available: ``` g…
dmitshur commented on runtime/race: ERROR: ThreadSanitize… in
> I want to compile go1.11.1 with go1.4. You should check out the `go1.11.1` tag in the `go` repository checkout, cd into its `src` directory, and run: ``` GOROOT_BOOTSTRAP=/home/hello/go1.4 .…
dmitshur commented on cmd/gofmt: inconsistent formatting … in
An interesting behavior. For anyone confused why it formats instead of printing an error like `main.go:3:12: expected type, found 'EOF'`, scroll to the right. The `) {}` characters are just off-sc…
dmitshur commented on cmd/go: go test -h output doesn't w… in
`-h` is not a valid flag for `go help`, so `go test -h` writes usage to stderr, not stdout, and exits with a non-zero exit code. The pipe only sends stdout to less. The correct command to view hel…
dmitshur commented on runtime/race: ERROR: ThreadSanitize… in
It looks like one of the race detector tests has failed. Is this issue reproducible for you? What happens if you try `./all.bash` a second time?
dmitshur commented on x/talks: cannot deploy to GAE using… in
> merge App Engine and "local" logic into one binary without build tags 🎉 👍
dmitshur commented on x/playground: deploy may take over … in
A data point from today's deploy (for #25462): the cloud build step took 10 min 58 sec. (It was within my 15 minute timeout.)
dmitshur commented on x/playground: in About text, docume… in
I've deployed the new version. Thanks @ysmolsky!
dmitshur commented on Infinite Page Loading for Nigeria I… in
> I am unable to access any Godoc page Are you talking about pages? Or something else like It's an App Engine app, so this probably would be related t…
dmitshur commented on Talks doesn't support .background in
The new version is deployed now, so `.background` should be working. Thank you for the contribution!
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6292fdc1e191266a0c6dae65364c411fe0e6ff33fs: Use fromClose to populate event.Close field.
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449140e4801ea85fd5339e9aeb0dc44874269ba6fs: Use fromClose to populate event.Close field.
dmitshur commented on Block parsing for fenced code block… in
I have a lead. Modifying the code as follows seems to fix the issue, at least for that one instance of the problematic input: ```diff -_, marker := isFenceLine(chunk, nil, codeBlockMarker, false)…
dmitshur commented on Fix block parsing for fenced code b… in
I've just discovered this PR is causing #495.
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9c781c585b000571fbc577aaada13b8a509b83f8Update for resume API change.
2bfd91d15232dc60322106d94c3d4bcb32a42eb6all: Apply gofmt using Go 1.11.
65c77ca9aad072f6bf7dd9fe8e7ef0b24565e99cinternal/page/idiomaticgo: Update testdata for Go 1.11 net/url change.
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33b7b5e8c05d3b390ab4e6c9e9fc7703740dd584Rename shurcool variables to dmitshur.
abdf68eba34d4420c7c92e73c11bf8fce2a86712component: Add Now field to Present.
dmitshur commented on New rule for generated Go files in
Was this issue closed intentionally? It seems it's not resolved yet, and it'd useful to have an open issue to track this open task.
dmitshur commented on Update Go (golang) handling in
I'd like to see linguist updated to use the specification, and it seems this PR is working in that direction. From the discussion, it seems that to make progress…
dmitshur commented on Port to WASM in
> Obviously, the former seems more desirable. Ok, it sounds like you're feeling pretty strongly about avoiding having two implementations of the high-level `websocket` package (one using `syscall/…