macOS 10.12 is no longer supported by any supported Go release, and the builder was dropped in [CL 419194]( Let's close this @bcmills?
Thanks for reporting this Todd. The need for images to handle both light and dark modes applies to content on the entire Go website, including documentation, tutorials, etc. There've been some previo…
This seems to be resolved now: <img width="641" alt="image" src="">
By now the two [supported]( Go releases are 1.19 and 1.18, so we'll not be making 1.16-specific changes. Issue #41212 tracks general improvements to how we tra…
The old requirements page was out of date and intentionally removed, as described in [CL 424575]( removes t…
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70b4d362a8cbd43cd2ed25494c6f8b3fb2a57544regenerate for schema changes by 2022-09-16
This is the tracking issue like #55354, but for amd64.
Apple announced macOS 13 Ventura during WWDC 2022 earlier in the year. Its [preview page]( currently says "Coming this October", which is coming up.…
(2 comments) The "x/time/" part is only for issues and not used in CL subjects, just "rate" is better. (See This needs to be fully qualified like gol…
This seems to be the tracking the same problem as issue #53972 (CC @heschi). We think this might be fixed as of Sept 9 (see The …
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e13d1c98404bc90bce33a01135f82da758ce6755compiler/natives: use embed package
d422bb4d9c39fdb00624aaa671968581f7b89377compiler/gopherjspkg: explicitly mention the vfsgen dependency
(1 comment) There are two Change-ID footers (on line 9 and 13).
(1 comment) There are two Change-ID footers (on line 29 and 33).
(1 comment) You might be aware by now, "aux" is one of reserved names on Windows and can't be used by Go packages that aim to support that OS. That's causing the windows TryBot failures.
Notes from a quick look. It is failing on the windows-amd64-2016 TryBot: ``` builder: windows-amd64-2016 rev: 706d84fca2b36fdf670a0d921e6a8a3b481eaa05 buildlet: G…
(1 comment) Doing the test error checking here rather than at the caller sounds very reasonable to me. I trust you to pick whichever style works better in this context.
Thanks for making this better. See inline comments for minor problems that need a resolution. fail was used to exit with exit code 1 when compareAPI failed. Maybe it should be replaced entirely by t…
Thanks. Is this word now extra? s/serveTarballs/ServeTarball/ '&& !opts.SystemLevel' maybe can be added here if you'd find that helpful. If you think it can be helpful for debugging, you could al…
(One more thing spotted while reviewing the next CL in the stack, in case it's helpful to you.) When there are no dependencies, both "empty go.sum file" and "no go.sum file" are considered tidy (see…
I suspect this is the same as #36236. (Please comment otherwise.)
In general this looks great, thanks for implementing a large part of this complex task here. This LGTM after you have a chance to see and deal with inline comments. It's fine for some of them to be c…
(2 comments) Thanks for clarifying. The change here should probably be undone. This is a testdata file that happens to have a .go extension, and so code simplification shouldn't be applied to it as…
(1 comment) The use of the fullwidth colon (U+FF1A) differs from the usual ASCII colon followed by a space that most Go commits use. It seems okay, though tooling may need to take it into account if…
Thanks. I've made PR #1151 that takes care of `natives`. The rest can be future work.
GopherJS relies on vfsgen to embed some files. vfsgen predates Go's embed package, so I wanted to see if it's no longer needed. I tried it out on the [`embed-natives`](…
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> cmd/dist still needs to be built with go1.4 As I understand it can and is built with Go 1.17.13, perhaps this change is doing something wrong?
Posting what I have so far, will finish the review soon thereafter. Minor: strings.Count(...) == 0 can be slightly simplified to !strings.Contains(...). (No need to change anything if you're intent…
Maybe I haven't looked too much into what "mixed" does exactly—I was just basing that on it not supporting pagination. I figured it not supporting pagination was because it it can return a bounded …
Stderr is much more likely to contain useful information than stdout in the unexpected case of the command failing. Show it. For golang/go#55067.
I'm not sure how hard it is to figure out the minimum correct value, but it's not as easy as counting branches, and I don't know that it's worth the effort to figure out... Your call. I think it's m…
Setting MaxCommits to a low number on a non-paginated request is indeed unhelpful; thanks for fixing.
I don't recall seeing many other instances where this would've helped, and I suspect the noise to signal ratio would be too low, so this is unlikely worth doing. Closing for now.
Still looking, posting partial comments pointing out various minor things I spotted so far. Move this above the status code check. s/Go/semver/ Also on line 391. Without a "." after %s here or an…
We're in 1.20 dev window now, so the Hold+1 can be removed if that was the only reason for it.
We are indeed in 1.20 dev window now, thanks for the ping. I'll let Russ remove it since he added it and is also the reviewer on this CL. Proposal #21463 mentioned in the commit message isn't in acc…
(1 comment) I thought about that too but didn't mention it (wasn't sure that it'd be worth the overhead compared to just adding the comment—it's an internal implementation detail and both paths ar…
dmitshur closed a change add go1.17.121w
Duplicate of CL 417135.
dmitshur closed a change add go1.18.41w
Duplicate of CL 417134.
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Duplicate of CL 416274.
dmitshur closed a change add go1.19beta11w
Duplicate of CL 411416.
dmitshur closed a change add go1.19beta11w
Duplicate of CL 411416.
dmitshur closed a change add go1.19beta21w
This was a test, no longer needed.
dmitshur closed a change add go1.191w
Duplicate of CL 420557.
dmitshur closed a change add go1.191w
Duplicate of CL 420557.
(1 comment) Readded in CL 430695.
Commit golang/build@656fd833c86463e51c5e722b28134318ab25bf6a is just before [CL 429536](, so there's no new action take here yet.
Nice removal! Is this removed intentionally? httpRouter was related to the legacy gomote API, but hostPathHandler doesn't seem to be.
Thanks. This label doesn't exist in the main repo right now, but "vulncheck or vulndb" exists (the two words are just in the other order). One or the other should be renamed so they match.
(1 comment) 288 perhaps? 287 looks like "vuln/2022" instead of "vuln/unplanned".
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6078b6b9c0e0a5d41a8d8e5ff4685980e6adb1e7compiler/natives: use embed package
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e3163a799eb6318cd4d08889c1a92c67c851ae43compiler/natives: use embed package
8f8b8654d907f64faed7b6d84d4cfa37c6cc43a2compiler/gopherjspkg: explicitly mention the vfsgen dependency
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e793ca1eaec866562c154d4c12b6d51d3115f0b3compiler/gopherjspkg: explicitly mention the vfsgen dependency
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GopherJS gained support for building code in module mode in 2021 (see PR #1042), and it itself didn't have problems being built in module mode since much earlier. Recently, it started getting semver…
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I agree with the points made above. This entry tried to say "use this language feature when it's appropriate; don't use it when it's not", which can be said for any language feature. I'll close this …
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4f084752aadd983267316639d6775772a53bdd06select-list-view: handle PointerEvent type in "click" handler
(1 comment) Or maybe it's not a problem because ReadDir implementations are required to return io.EOF at the end, so the caller can be looking at that. Maybe the only case you're not handling corre…
Thanks. Would it be simpler to write temporary files to another directory (rather than as dot files), so they can't get in the way trivially without complicating ReadDir? s/ioutil/os/ to avoid rein…
Nice catch. Good counter-example to the mailing tasks where we intentionally wanted to separate out the emailing step so it'd be "locked in" as soon as it completed successfully. Thanks. I take it C…
> this simplification can be applied to the real go/build package too (Was already done in CL 429636, thanks.)
Thanks. If you think it's worth doing, maybe also drop the 'b' prefix since 'plusBuild' happens not to collide with anything, and the prefix will make less sense next to slashSlash, etc.
Thanks. It seems this simplification can be applied to the real go/build package too, and it'll last longer if sent there. (This is an internal backport copy that will eventually be deleted, once the…
Go tip is currently at 2022b, which includes the mentioned Chile DST start change, and 2022c is [described]( to work around an awk bu…
We ran into this in (created in May 2020), reported by @ianthehat recently.
dmitshur commented on all: add freebsd/riscv64 port3w
Is it right for this issue to be closed now? `go tool dist list` at tip doesn't include freebsd/riscv64.
Another instance in
The status of #54074 is that it's approved, but a cherry-pick CL hasn't been made yet. I made [CL 425488]( following…
Closing as a duplicate of #52114, which has now been resolved.
The query struct fields likely need to be exported (that is, begin with an upper-case letter) to be writeable by the githubv4 package. Does it help if you try that? ```diff type LoopStruct struct…
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CC @joedian, @cagedmantis.
dmitshur edited the wiki1mo
`newPipe` currently contains this comment: ``` // pipe2 was added in 2.6.27 and our minimum requirement is 2.6.23, so it // might not be implemented. Falling back to pipe is possible, but prior …
> Would it be ok to move to the latest LTS? I think that should be okay.