My interests

There are a bunch of topics that are of high interest to me, and I'll be using this blog to talk about some of them.

My main passion and a dream job is no doubt game development. This will likely be the main subject of this blog, as well as other computer related topics. However, I'm also into things like psychology, philosophy, HCI/User Interfaces, physics, racing, driving, snowboarding, longboarding, RC cars, racing simulators, displays, pixels, portable devices, in arbitrary order.

I like cars in general, and anything that has to do with driving, racing or making them. One of my long term dreams has always been to create a playground realistic driving sim where I'm able to experiment with various car designs. Until then, I have LFS. I also tend to play around with some remote controlled cars that I have.

I also like to delve into contemplations about the meaning of life, and other philosophy/psychology questions. I might post some of my ideas on that here.

Anyway, I doubt I will talk about every single of my interests here, so perhaps throwing all those tags out wasn't the best idea. Oh well.


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