In my defence, or why I don't care

This post is way overdue, and it is a perfect example of what I'm about to talk about.

I'm not very good at English writing or clearly and consicely expressing my thoughs in words. Yes, here I am talking about my weaknesses, and you're thinking why should you even continue reading what this guy has to say.

But it's ok, because I don't care. In a good way.

See, I have this theory that allows me to think that it's ok for people to be wrong or bad at something. At least, it shouldn't stop them from working on what they love (as long as it doesn't negatively impact others).

The reason for that is since there are many people, there's nothing wrong with them fanning out and trying to work in different directions (think of a non-deterministic Turing machine). Some will be right, some wrong. The alternative is catastrophic: groupthink. If everyone were to try ony one approach, then everyone is simply screwed if the group's consensus is wrong.

Consider the following example. At some point, people thought the Earth was flat. If not for the person/people who dared to go against the flow, perhaps we would never have discovered otherwise.

Hence, I believe that no matter how wrong or stupid something I'm doing may seem to others, I have perfect grounds to stick with it if I believe it to be the right thing.

Of course, this doesn't mean I will ignore all constructive critisim. On the contrary, I will happily consider all such feedback, and try to adjust if I see the error of my ways.

As far as my posts go, basically, I have two choices. Either care a lot about my spelling/grammar/presentation, spend too much time editing my posts until I believe they are ready for mass (lol) viewing, and post rarely. Or, not pay much attention to that stuff, but rather post things as they come to my mind with little editing or rewriting. This will allow me to actually use this blog the way it's meant to be. I hereby choose the latter.


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