Are live!

Edit: But are not mobile friendly yet...

Edit 2: Better, now you can leave reactions on mobile (iOS). Still one more mobile bug to fix, closing the reactions menu doesn't work.

Edit 3: Closing the reactions menu on iOS is implemented now! (Done in commit e6633c2d.)


audreylim commented 7 years ago


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dmitshur commented 7 years ago

Thanks! It's great to finally have them.

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irashura commented 7 years ago

Awesome!!!!!!!! Proud parents...

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dmitshur commented 6 years ago

As exciting as reactions are, this is not a full fledged blog post, so I'll "close" it to hide it from front page. I should aim to keep a higher bar for blog post quality.

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dmitshur closed this 6 years ago
hsribei commented 6 years ago

I love the concept of "closed" blog posts!

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