Use singular form for collection repo/folder name #5

Opendmitshur opened this issue 7 years ago
dmitshur commented 7 years ago · edited

Do this:

Don't do this:

Notice how "example", "image", "player" folder names simply contain many related packages, yet they use singular form.

Because it's consistent with the style the Go project uses.

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vladimiroff commented 7 years ago

There are packages in the standard library in conflict with this: bytes, errors and strings.

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dmitshur commented 7 years ago · edited

@vladimiroff I don't think those are counter-examples. Neither bytes, errors, nor strings are collections. They're individual packages.

By collection, I mean something like...

It contains encoding/json, encoding/xml, encoding/gob, etc. Notice how it's encoding/json and not encodings/json. It's because the collection folder encoding uses singular form.

Also, this suggestion is primarily for empty folder names that simply contain many packages.

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