Path Synopsis gl is a Go cross-platform binding for OpenGL, with an OpenGL ES 2-like API. glutil implements OpenGL utility functions. glfw experimentally provides a glfw-like API with desktop (via glfw) and browser (via HTML5 canvas) backends. websocket is a Go cross-platform implementation of a client for the WebSocket protocol. checkbox provides a checkbox connected to a query parameter. reactionsmenu provides a reactions menu component. tabsupport offers functionality to add tab support to a textarea element. github_flavored_markdown provides a GitHub Flavored Markdown renderer with fenced code block highlighting, clickable header anchor links. gfmstyle contains CSS styles for rendering GitHub Flavored Markdown. goon is a deep pretty printer with Go-like notation. bypass allows bypassing reflect restrictions on accessing unexported struct fields. analysis provides a routine that determines if a file is generated or handcrafted. ctxhttp provides helper functions for performing context-aware HTTP requests. gddo is a simple client library for accessing the API. gfmutil offers functionality to render GitHub Flavored Markdown to io.Writer. gopathutil provides tools to operate on GOPATH workspace. gopherjs_http provides helpers for compiling Go using GopherJS and serving it over HTTP. jsutil provides utility functions for interacting with native JavaScript APIs. importgraphutil augments "" with a way to build graphs ignoring tests. indentwriter implements an io.Writer wrapper that indents every non-empty line with specified number of tabs. ioutil provides a WriteFile func with an io.Reader as input. open offers ability to open files or URLs as if user double-clicked it in their OS. openutil displays Markdown or HTML in a new browser tab. ospath provides utilities to get OS-specific directories. osutil offers a utility for manipulating a set of environment variables. parserutil offers convenience functions for parsing Go code to AST. pipeutil provides additional functionality for package. printerutil provides formatted printing of AST nodes. reflectfind offers funcs to perform deep-search via reflect to find instances that satisfy given query. sourcereflect implements run-time source reflection, allowing a program to look up string representation of objects from the underlying .go source files. timeutil provides a func for getting start of week of given time. trash implements functionality to move files into trash. trim contains helpers for trimming strings. godocfs implements vfs.FileSystem using a http.FileSystem. vfstemplate offers html/template helpers that use vfs.FileSystem. vfspath implements utility routines for manipulating virtual file system paths. vfsutil implements some I/O utility functions for vfs.FileSystem. gopherjslib provides helpers for in-process GopherJS compilation. highlight_diff provides syntaxhighlight.Printer and syntaxhighlight.Annotator implementations for diff format. highlight_go provides a syntax highlighter for Go, using go/scanner. http contains service implementations over HTTP. presentdata contains static data for present format. htmlg contains helper funcs for generating HTML nodes and rendering them. filter offers an http.FileSystem wrapper with the ability to keep or skip files. vfstemplate offers html/template helpers that use http.FileSystem. httputil implements HTTP utility functions for http.FileSystem. vfspath implements utility routines for manipulating virtual file system paths. union offers a simple http.FileSystem that can unify multiple filesystems at various mount points. vfsutil implements some I/O utility functions for http.FileSystem. httpgzip provides net/http-like primitives that use gzip compression when serving HTTP requests. issues provides an issues service definition. asanaapi implements issues.Service using Asana API client. fs implements issues.Service using a filesystem. githubapi implements issues.Service using GitHub API client. issuesapp is a web frontend for an issues service. markdown provides a Markdown renderer. notifications provides a notifications service definition. fs implements notifications.Service using a virtual filesystem. githubapi implements notifications.Service using GitHub API client. notificationsapp is a web frontend for a notifications service. octiconssvg provides GitHub Octicons in SVG format. reactions provides a reactions service definition. emojis contains emojis image data. fs implements reactions.Service using a virtual filesystem. resume is Dmitri Shuralyov's résumé. sanitized_anchor_name provides a func to create sanitized anchor names. tictactoe defines the game of tic-tac-toe. bad contains a bad tic-tac-toe player. random implements a random player of tic-tac-toe. trayhost is a cross-platform Go library to place an icon in the host operating system's taskbar. users provides a users service definition. asanaapi implements users.Service using Asana API client. githubapi implements users.Service using GitHub API client. vcsstate allows getting the state of version control system repositories. vfsgen takes an http.FileSystem (likely at `go generate` time) and generates Go code that statically implements the provided http.FileSystem. vfsutil implements some I/O utility functions for webdav.FileSystem. webdavfs implements webdav.FileSystem using an http.FileSystem.