add support for abandon events

Display a closed event when a CL is abandoned, and the abandon reason
if one is provided.
dmitshur committed 5 years ago commit 430bf650e55ac72ff59edca212763c965095cd53
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@@ -317,10 +317,27 @@ func (s service) ListTimeline(ctx context.Context, repo string, id uint64, opt *
					State:     change.Commented,
					Body:      body,
					Editable:  false,
					Comments:  cs,
			case "gerrit:abandon":
				timeline = append(timeline, change.TimelineItem{
					Actor:     s.gerritUser(message.Author),
					CreatedAt: message.Date.Time,
					Payload:   change.ClosedEvent{},
				if message.Message == "Abandoned" {
					// An abandon reason wasn't provided.
				timeline = append(timeline, change.Comment{
					ID:        fmt.Sprint(idx), // TODO: message.ID is not uint64; e.g., "bfba753d015916303152305cee7152ea7a112fe0".
					User:      s.gerritUser(message.Author),
					CreatedAt: message.Date.Time,
					Body:      strings.TrimPrefix(message.Message, "Abandoned\n\n"),
					Editable:  false,
		labels, body, ok := parseMessage(message.Message)
		if !ok {