Path Synopsis changes is a web frontend for a change tracking service. assets contains assets for changes. is a sample program that serves changes. common contains common code for backend and frontend. component contains individual components that can render themselves as HTML. script for changes. woff2 implements a WOFF2 font decoder. generated provides a function that parses a source file and reports whether it contains a "// Code generated … DO NOT EDIT." line comment. prefixtitle parses prefixed issue and change titles for Go packages. mtl provides access to Apple's Metal API ( is a tool that displays information about Metal devices in the system. is an example Metal program that renders a single frame with a triangle. is an example Metal program that displays a moving triangle in a window. appkit provides access to Apple's AppKit API ( coreanim provides access to Apple's Core Animation API ( belt is an opinionated collection of HTML components for shared use by multiple web apps. gerrit defines a router for targeting Gerrit subjects. github defines a router for targeting GitHub subjects. scratch is used for testing. jpeg implements a tiny subset of a JPEG image decoder and encoder. png implements a tiny subset of a PNG image decoder and encoder. change provides a change service definition. fs will implement change.Service using a virtual filesystem, once change.Service API is finalized. gerritapi implements a read-only change.Service using Gerrit API client. githubapi implements a change.Service using GitHub API clients. httpclient contains change.Service implementation over HTTP. httphandler contains an API handler for change.Service. httproute contains route paths for httpclient, httphandler. maintner implements a read-only change.Service using a x/build/maintner corpus. state defines states for domain types. kebabcase provides a parser for identifier names using kebab-case naming convention. is the command that powers the and websites. assets contains assets for gido.