skip empty comment that only sets labels

Comments are meant for entries that contain non-empty content. Some
entries contain, e.g., a Run-TryBot+1 vote, but otherwise empty body.
We may want to visualize such timeline entries in a more lightweight,
event-like manner. For now, just skip them instead of displaying
empty comments.
dmitshur committed 5 years ago commit e8a331073e94e21148d9babdc9751f8b8d252aba
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@@ -365,15 +365,20 @@ func (s service) ListTimeline(ctx context.Context, repo string, id uint64, opt *
						Body: c.Message,
		reviewState := reviewState(labels)
		if body == "" && len(cs) == 0 && reviewState == change.Commented && labels != "" {
			// Skip an empty comment that, e.g., just sets a Run-TryBot+1 label.
		timeline = append(timeline, change.Review{
			ID:        fmt.Sprint(idx), // TODO: message.ID is not uint64; e.g., "bfba753d015916303152305cee7152ea7a112fe0".
			User:      s.gerritUser(message.Author),
			CreatedAt: message.Date.Time,
			State:     reviewState(labels),
			State:     reviewState,
			Body:      body,
			Editable:  false,
			Comments:  cs,